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Reiki Healing and Mediumship Readings

with Reiki Master, Ernie Van Den Bossche


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If you live near me in Fairfield Maine USA and wish to receive REIKI TREATMENT I can help. I am available to those who would prefer to have treatment in their homes. I will travel to you. The treatments lasts one to one and a half hours or more and includes follow-up absentee healing for one month after the initial visit. One might expect a mediumship reading with Healing Guides and Spirits as part of the treatment, if desired. 

I also will include anyone on my Absentee Healing List for one month. Send email with information.

Book a Mediumship Reading with me at my mediumship site.


My email: reiki@zohrala.com 

Call me at 207-453-6133

Write to: 245 Main Street, Fairfield, Maine USA 04937

Reiki Session  Reiki Links  Web Rings  Mediumship


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