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 Fuld Talking Board Game Equipment #OBSet 1085

  Fuld Talking Board Game Equipment #OBSet 1085 

Sale Price $169       


1966 Fuld - Parker of Salem Mass - paper design on heavy masonite board, Large Size 15"x22"

"William Fuld Talking Board Game Equipment"

The "William Fuld Talking Board Game Equipment" issue is the first of the Parker Brothers "William Fuld Talking Board Set" games.  This set is distinguished by noting the following changes from the earlier William Fuld of Baltimore company sets.

Board markings: Top center "William Fuld Talking Board Set";  bottom - "Parker Brothers Inc., Salem, Mass. U.S.A." This same board design was used unchanged for years.

Box markings: front top left - "William Fuld Talking Board Game Equipment"; front bottom right - "William Fuld, Inc., Salem, Mass., U.S.A.";  box back bottom - "William Fuld, Inc. - Subsidiary Of - Parker Brothers, Inc. - Salem, Mass., U.S.A."

Plastic Planchette - A very different design imprinted than on the original Fuld planchette with had lots of trade information. This one simply states "Ouija - Trade Mark - William Fuld", It still has the clear lens with pin. This is the only issued set with this unique design.


Notes on physical condition of this set:

Board: Excellent

Planchette: Excellent

Box: Rough with some end flap torn off and some missing






Fuld Talking Board Game Equipment #OBSet 1085            

Sale Price $169       



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