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 Discovering Your Intuitive and Mediumistic Abilities 

With Bonnie Lee Gibson and Ernie VanDenBossche


 We can tailor our classes to your situation and time restraints. Below is a preview of our six  week mediumship development course. One class events are also available.

Current Class Schedule


This is a beginnerís class and workshop for those who have an inner desire to develop intuitiveness and mediumship. In this class, we will learn about psychic abilities and how to tune them to aid us, in reaching out to those Spirits who have crossed over as well as our personal Spirit Guides and Helpers, in an effort to better ourselves and heal past dis-ease within.

We will explore how trust, knowledge and belief; coupled with proper purpose and attitude, can lead to successful communication and change. We will implement techniques such as meditation, grounding, aligning of energy, and the heart connection; to better heighten spiritual awareness in order to seek Spirit communication through modalities such as healing, body scanning, Psychometry, one on one Spirit Readings and more.

Beginning with the ground rules for successful mediumship in the first introduction class of this six evening workshop series; Bonnie Lee Gibson and Ernie Van Den Bossche will lead the participants through training that they have developed on their own spiritual paths, as practicing mediums and healers. Each class will consist of a brief alignment through guided meditation, an hour or more of class instruction and a half hour of group participation in Spirit communication of one type or another.

By the end of this class each participant should have found and formulated a method comfortable and suited to them, through which they might begin their personal journey in Spirit communication and service. This is not to say that anyone will be prolific in communication with Spirit after this class, but the stones to build a solid foundation would be gathered.


Current Class Schedule



Mediumship, Spirit Readings and Healing with Ernie Van Den Bossche

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