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Ernest VanDenBossche has dedicated his life to helping people from an early age, volunteering his time and energy to many organizations and groups. After reading books and researching the life of Edgar Cayce (the sleeping prophet), he studied ESP and psychic abilities with the well known psychic, Kay Mora. He soon became involved with healing and mediumship within the religion of Modern Spiritualism. There he developed his own gifts and found yet another avenue to aid people he meets on his spiritual path. He has worked in and served Spiritualist churches and camps throughout New England. He was president of Temple Heights Spiritual Camp on the Maine coast for seven years and is the current president.

He is a Reiki Master, which blends with his beliefs that mediumship is a healing modality. He works as a team ( www.mediums.Us )  with his soul mate Bonnie Lee Gibson, bringing mediumship and healing to the grass roots, conducting "Mediumship Development Classes" as well as "Mediumship and Healing Circles" for any who have interest and need. He is currently writing a book relating to his experiences, which he hopes to publish soon.

Private readings, both in person and by phone, are available to the public by appointment. He says he never ceases to be amazed by the connection that Spirit makes, in so many various ways, with those who seek out communication through mediums. It is a humbling work, but above all it is a rewarding experience for the love and joy that it brings to those in need.

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"Nonviolence is the greatest force at the disposal of mankind. It is mightier than the mightiest weapon of destruction devised by the ingenuity of man."

Mohandas K. Gandhi


To live love is to be love. To be one with the Father is to be equal with the Father, and as the understanding of the entity is gained in the application of truths gained the consciousness of truth is apparent--for, as has been given, to love is to live love--not the answer of desire or of amorous affection, but is all in one--for love is law, law is love.

Edgar Cayce   

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Mediumship, Spirit Readings and Healing with Ernie Van Den Bossche

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