Private Party with Table Tipping

The basic technique behind Table Tipping is quite simple. A group of people simply sit around a table, with each person resting their hands flat on the top surface of it. They will almost always be rewarded with some sort of phenomena. When starting out, the table will likely vibrate and will eventually begin to move. 


We start our sittings with a prayer of love and greeting. It is often useful to sing a cheery song. Spirit likes fun and enjoyment, the higher the vibrations the more action. Soon you may feel the Spirit vibration within the table, then the table may begin to rock. Often it will move around in a circle, dancing up and down around the room. When the table begins to "dance” we stand up so we can move with the table. After "the dance" we sit down. At this point we begin to ask the table questions, which are then answered by tipping. The table usually tips once for yes and twice for no or answers yes and no in other manners. Hence, the name “table tipping.”

The table can make many different movements. Pictured here, the table moves within one inch of the floor, then moves back to a standing position. It can do this many times in a session. The table never hits the floor but hovers a few inches above it. This is very exciting.

We are sure your group will have an exciting and interesting session with Spirit Communication with your Table Tipping Party.

Each Participant will spend time with a table tipping group both for their own personal Table Tipping communication and also to lend energy and participation to other people's sessions.


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