Host Responsibility for Classes


We have put this information together so a host will understand just what is involved.


1.    Host shall invite guests, collect funds and be responsible for the minimum payment (if less people show up, the minimum is still due).


2.    It is advised that the host collect the fees when guests accept the invitation, as the host is responsible for payment of the minimum amount plus the travel fee when applicable.


3.    It is advisable that all guests are on time for the class.


4.    Each guest pays $25 for one day classes. Minimum class fee is $300 (12 people). Classes should be limited to about 15 people. If less than 12 people, the minimum fee applies. 


5.   Classes last two and one half hours. It is best if there is no disturbances by other people coming and going during that time. Attempt to minimize incoming phone calls.


6.    Travel Fee @ $25 per hour is charged to the host for traveling longer distances from Fairfield ME. This fee should be determined when booking the event.


7.    The host may choose to increase the guest fees to cover travel or minimum fees.


8.    Cancellation of events should be made two weeks in advance as we have many waiting for dates.


Thank you and we look forward to your class,

  Bonnie Lee Gibson and Ernie VanDenBossche


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