Home Sťance Circle Training Class / Workshop

Before there was television and radio, people often would gather weekly on a chosen day, in local homes, sit around a large table in a darkened room and call on the spirits to bring information of times past and to come, for daily use or advice, or maybe insight for perplexing situations. These gatherings were called Sťances and the people receiving the information from Spirit were called mediums. For many years now, this activity has been far from the norm.

Now today, more and more people are becoming interested in communication with the Spirit World. John Edward and Silvia Brown have brought mediumship back into the living room of every home. Now you can learn how to have your own group of friends meet on a regular basis in a home atmosphere and have your own Home Sťance.

This class workshop is designed to show a group of people how, though dedication and commitment, a group of average people can comfortably progress, with trust and love, to having a rewarding and amazing weekly Home Sťance Circle where everyone can bring through information from the Spirit World.


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