Psychometry Home Class / Workshop

Psychometry is the art of reading information stored in the vibration of an article. Jewelry is perhaps the most used type of article in Psychometry for several reasons. Jewelry is most often worn on the body so it absorbs and retains the vibrations of its owner. Since jewelry is often metal, this adds to its conductivity. It can also be easily held in the hand of the person doing a Psychometry Reading. Other types of articles can also be used but should be something that have belonged to the person being read and perhaps be something that has a special meaning or value to that person.

I this class/workshop we will teach the participants how to understand and speak about the information and feelings they receive as they actually give another person a Psychometry reading.

Each participant should bring two or three articles of their own because they will also receive readings from others.

You will receive written materials and exercises so you can practice Psychometry on your own.


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