Reading With Flowers Home Class/Workshop

Flower clairsentience is a wonderful form of psychic reading. Flowers are so sensitive, that they easily absorb and are impressed with the energies of the individual handling or possessing them. In this form of Psychometry the reader attunes to the impressions left upon the flower. 

Some people will resonate more with one flowers than with others. We will be drawn to certain flowers and their colors and other qualities at certain points in our life.  Whether an individual realizes it or not, the flower chosen is going to have strong symbolic significance. The significance will be imprinted upon the flower, and the reader should be able to draw this forth.

Flowers have long been a great source of energy and inspiration. Every aspect of the flower has been used by healers, psychics and metaphysicians.  The fragrances, herbal qualities, the colors and the entire imagery of the flowers serve as a tie to and a reflection of specific archetypal forces in nature.

Flowers of any form are sources of strong energy vibrations. They influence everything within its area in a very subtle and real manner. They subtly reflect certain qualities or characteristics inherent and active in those people drawn to them. It has to do with an old spiritual principle, “Like attracts like.” We are drawn to that which is similar in vibration on some level. Because of this, every aspect of the flower chosen by an individual to be read will have significance.

All plants that flower are indicative of hidden wisdom. Those flowers we pick out are ones that are more likely to reflect the hidden aspects of your life at that moment, especially those aspects that are most important to you at the time.


Everyone taking this class will learn how flower readings are given and will have the opportunity to read another's flower in the class.

You will receive written materials and exercises so you can practice on your own.


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