Readings at Educational Institutions

We enjoy readings with college and high school students. "One on ones" are best, as each individual receives personal care and has the opportunity to open to their own personal situation and questions.

Mediumship readings at high school students' Project Graduations give young people the chance to see a different side of spirituality than they are generally accustomed to. They are often surprised at the help and comfort they receive from their loved ones who watch over them. This night is often the end of a young persons public education cycle and often of friendships. It is traditionally a time of excitement, dares, and all to often tragedy. This is a wonderful time to substitute interpretive awakenings and new perspectives in a controlled atmosphere.

College students benefit through mediumship by working out loss of loved ones and the accompanying frustration and depression which often deflate their goals and energy output. There seems to be many who seek inner guidance as to securing their direction and focus in setting their long term goals.


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