Skotography is another way that Spirit Loved Ones can reach out to the material world. This is a form of physical phenomena where Spirit Communication arrives via an instrument outside of the human mediumís body. In this case the medium is photographic paper.

Many methods of procedure have been experimented with to create this type of Spirit Communication. The basic premise is to hold a piece of undeveloped photo paper, protected from light, for a given amount of time, near the body of the person who is to receive the communication, then to develop and fix the photo paper as with any photo development. Though there is no guarantee of success, like in any spirit communication, it is possible that an image will appear on the paper from Spirit.

The image could be anything to convey a message, from a flower to a face. Sometimes it is less distinct than desirable, yet an image may be discerned. A paper with no image will be white and a paper that has been exposed to light will be blackened.

Meditation is a good prerequisite to the procedure but not a necessity. You can ask a certain Spirit to come through for you. Ask for the assistance of your Spirit Guides and the Guides and helpers of the Spirit you wish to communicate with, just like with any kind of Spirit communication.

You can darken a room so that there is a very minimum of light available (no direct light that could expose your paper) and hold your unprotected piece of photo paper to your forehead, solar plexus or heart for a period of about a half hour or up to two or more hours. This method gives Spirit the chance to use available light to communicate but makes the outcome suspect unless the image is distinct.

A more controlled method is to contain the photo paper in a light proof envelope. This eliminates to need to use a darkened room. Longer periods of time will give Spirit a better opportunity to produce communication with you. Taping the envelope to your body for several hours as you go about your daily business is a good method.

If your photo paper comes out white after developing, do not despair. An image may still appear in time. Store it in a drawer, book or safe place out of direct light. It may materialize in a few days, weeks or even months. 

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