Pay Deposit to hold your space. $30

 Discovering Your Intuitive and Mediumistic Abilities

Class / Workshop with

  Bonnie Lee and Ernie VanDenBossche

Location: Belfast, Maine

Belfast Free Library, 106 High St.

April 14-15, 2018

10:00am - 6pm Sunday and Saturday


If Interested Call 207-649-9655

or email


About our course "Discovering Your Intuitive and Mediumistic Abilities" 

This is a beginnerís class and workshop for those who have an inner desire to develop intuitiveness (sixth sense) and mediumship. In this course, we will learn about psychic abilities and how to tune them to aid us in reaching out to those Spirits who have crossed over as well as our personal Spirit Guides, Angels and Helpers, in an effort to better ourselves and heal past dis-ease within.

We will explore how trust, knowledge and belief; coupled with proper purpose and attitude, can lead to successful communication and change. We will implement techniques such as meditation, grounding, aligning of energy, and the heart connection; to better heighten spiritual awareness in order to seek Spirit communication through modalities such as healing, body scanning, psychometry, one on one Spirit Readings and more.

Beginning with the ground rules for successful mediumship, we will lead the participants through training that we have developed on our own spiritual paths as practicing mediums and healers. Class will consist of a brief alignment through guided meditation and healing, followed by instruction and group participation in Spirit communication of one type or another, and time for discussion. There will be written information packets to take home and review (and keep) for each section of the course.

View Outline Here: This is our basic outline but... Subject to change.

 Outline: Discovering Your Intuitive and Mediumistic Abilities

The course fee is $300 per person payable on/by the first day of the class. 

$30 deposit to hold your space or payment in full can be made online or by mail.

Class size limited.

Pay Deposit to hold your space. $30

You can also sign up by calling 207-453-6133  or  call Ernie at 207-649-9655, and mailing your deposit or payment. 


Call 207-649-9655


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