Authentic Maine Lobsters Traps



How to Eat a Maine Lobster

Meat is found within the claws (large front claws and side body claws), the tail, and within the body where the claws are joined to the body. The tail offers the most meat and is saved until last by many lobster lovers. How does one eat a Maine lobster? In one word ... SLOWLY ... you'll want to savor each bite!


Twist off the claws.

1. Twist off the claws. Separate the pieces of the front claws at each of the joints.

Separate the tail from the body.

3. Separate the tail from the body with a twisting motion.

Remove the tail meat.

5. Using a fork or your finger, force the tail meat up and out of the other end. Beneath the outer top layer of meat is the digestive tract which should not be eaten. Remove the meat covering from this tract (which looks like a vein) and discard the tract. The outer meat may be eaten.

Crack the body.

7. Remove the smaller claws from the body. There is meat in the body at the points where each claw was attached.



Crack the claws.

2. Crack the claws and claw pieces with the nutcrackers. Use the pick as needed.

Break off the flippers.

4. Break the tail flippers from the tail.

Unhinge the back.

6. Unhinge the body shell from the body. Remove the "tomalley" (green substance) which is actually the lobster's liver.

Eat the small claws.

8. There is some delicate meat in the smaller claws. This can be obtained by breaking apart the claw sections and squeezing out the meat with one's teeth.