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 Located in Waterville, Maine, United States


The Hypnosis Journey

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Are You Stressed ??


Learn Self Hypnosis and Relax

The Hypnosis Journey, Hypnosis for Health

Class / Workshop / Private Sessions
Bonnie Lee Gibson CH
and Ernie VanDenBossche BCH,CI

Sunday March 24, 2018

Belfast Breeze Inn and Music by the Bay
192 Northport Ave (Rt 1), Belfast, Maine 04915

Use hypnosis to change your health, change your life. Begin your journey now. Learn self-hypnosis and how to change your mind about how you create your future.


10a-noon - Stop Smoking Group Session with Ernie Vandenbossche

1-4p - Weight Management Group Session with Bonnie Lee Gibson
Cost: $60pp

Private Hypnosis Sessions (for issues of depression, anxiety, stress, sleep, addiction, performance) with Ernie or Bonnie are 1-hour minimum (expect that 1-2 addition sessions will be neccessary across time)
Cost: $110.00

Bonnie is available from 10a-noon

Ernie is available from 2-4p

Private individual psychic-medium readings are available for 30 min. ($60) or 60 min. ($110)

Complete list of services available and GET TICKETS
 here https://hypnotherapy.brownpapertickets.com/

Bonnie Lee Gibson and Ernest VanDenBossche are professional hypnotherapists and experienced psychic-mediums practicing for over 30 years. They are each Board Certified Hypnotherapists (Consulting Hypnotist) and Ernie is a Certified Instructor with the National Guild of Hypnotists who helps clients lose weight, stop smoking, overcome phobias, relieve anxiety, sleep better and much much more.

 If you have any questions or concerns, please emaill 

or call Ernie 207-649-96555

or  Bonnie Lee 207-649-70899

We look forward to seeing you there..
Bonnie Lee and Ernie






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Some common goals

of self hypnosis:


 Relieve test anxiety


Relieve insomnia


Improve self-esteem


Enhance creativity


Improve concentration


Reduce Stress


Stop Smoking


Weight Management



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Self-hypnosis CDs available at events.

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Hypnotherapists use Hypnosis with people seeking help to create change in their lives. Self hypnosis is a tool anyone can use. Itís simple and easy. Explore how hypnosis works for the mind, body and soul. Take advantage of the powers of the mind to make intentional, purposeful, positive self-change. Through the subconscious mind, we can change habits of the past and/or direct physical improvements for the future. Experience hypnosis in this class and for the rest of your life. You will have a better understanding of yourself..

Take time to really relax your body. Create new pattens and pathways in your subconcious so you can acheive your goals and sustain your ideals..

Feel better about your life and the world around you! Take care of your self. Be yourself..



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Ernest VanDenBossche BCH,CI


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More Hypnosis CDs


The Healthy and Happy You

(A Health Success Session) 

with Ernest VanDenBossche BCH,CI




Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy: Basic to Advanced Techniques for the Professional

More Books
Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy: Basic to Advanced Techniques for the Professional
by Calvin D. Banyan and Gerald F. Kein
This book is a treasure chest.


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