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"Thanks Given for Hypnotherapists"

with Ernest VanDenBossche BCH,CI

Yes, there are so many things in life to be thankful for. Iím sure a few are running through your mind right now as you read. We are always thankful for good health (mental and physical.) When we have it, we are thankful to those who help us maintain it. Hypnotherapists are among the caregivers who are always ready and available to serve you.

Hypnotherapists are your personal chefs who help you by feeding your subconscious mind your recipes for self-fulfillment. Whatever it is that you wish to do in your life, your mind is the master blender. First you must know what you want and then you need to convince yourself to consume it.

Change is not always easy and you need to continuously reinforce, to nourish, the thought in order to achieve it. If you desire to be healthy, you must think healthy positive thoughts. You must have a healthy attitude toward others as well as yourself. You must talk positive and not negative. You need to forgive others as well as yourself where appropriate for your better good.

Hypnosis is like feeding your mind the best of Thanksgiving dinners, feeding yourself the most desired recipes for each course and savoring each bite for utmost enjoyment. When you are in good company good things happen. Surround yourself with good people and think good thoughts for this is truly the good life.

Hypnosis is a natural experience that happens to most of us each day when we become absorbed in doing something like driving, working, reading, or watching TV or daydreaming. These are often light hypnodial states that we fall into.

Hypnotherapy is a modality which allows the critical conscious mind to step aside and let the subconscious mind, which is where all memories, feelings and knowings are stored, to be influenced by new desires and understandings. The hypnotherapist feeds the subconscious mind ideas and suggestions designed to influence the situation, and the subconscious mind makes choices and installs new systems that fit the individualís desires and moral beliefs.

The individual is always in control and will only make change that is truly desirous. The hypnotist does not create the change. The individual, by their own choice, is coached into making the change that they seek. Ideas that originate in oneís mind are molded into positive suggestions for fulfilling desires and dreams and to achieve goals.

Relaxation is often a key ingredient in a successful hypnosis session. The hypnotist assists the client to allow their body to relax into a state of euphoria to such an extent that it resembles sleep if observed by an outsider, but it is not sleep. The mind becomes keenly aware of everything but is capable of avoiding the distraction of normal mind chatter, clutter and outside sounds and to focus on and process thoughts and ideas for desired change. In order to do this the hypnotist uses suggestions for relaxation and also suggestions that allow the mind to bypass the conscious critical factor which wants to protect the status quo and continue familiar habits.

Does this all sound interesting and intriguing to you? Are you a compassionate person who enjoys working with and helping other people? Perhaps you are interested in becoming a master chef of hypnosis: a certified consulting hypnotist (hypnotherapist or hypnotist).

Hypnotherapists work in complementary ways with physicians and other health care providers to help optimize the care patients receive. Use of hypnotherapy for medical conditions should be approved by your doctor and hypnotherapists will ask for a written ok from doctors and psychotherapists. Hypnosis was approved for use by the British Medical Association in 1955 and by the American Medical Association in 1958. Even the Catholic Pope approved the use of hypnosis in the 1950ís to be used in conjunction with medical and dental practice.

Be thankful that there are so many people who are there for you when you need them. Be thankful for the many ways that they serve you now and throughout the year.

Ernest VanDenBossche is a board certified hypnotherapist and a certified instructor with the National Guild of Hypnotists (www.ngh.net).

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