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"Spiritual Hypnosis"

with Ernest VanDenBossche BCH,CI

Tis the season to be spiritual. You are a spiritual being. Getting in touch with your spiritual self is sometimes a challenge, even for the most spirited of us. Did you know that there are parts your consciousness from which your spiritual being transmits? Each one of us has a spiritual mind. Please understand that there are many religious doctrines and many theories and I do not wish to repute any of them. My intention here is to help allow you to open your mind to your own spiritual knowing and desires.

 Often we only dwell in the here and now of the conscious mind and we forget or neglect those aspects of us that pertain to our higher-self. Our physical body and our tried mind tend to trudge forward on a little known path toward finality, oblivious to our spiritual being.

 It’s our wise mind, the all knowing self; which  tells us to seek peace, to love one-another, to forgive others as well as ourselves, to be healers in every sense of the word, to seek bliss and enlightenment (to have a better life in a better way:)

 Some hypnotherapists who work with spiritual hypnosis might list levels of consciousness as follows: 1) the “conscious mind” from which comes everyday thoughts, actions, logic and judgment. 2) The “subconscious mind,” where all your life experiences, memories, feeling, habits, and reactions associated with them are stored as well as those unconscious body actions such as heart beat, breathing, digestion, bio-action etc. 3) The “super-conscious mind,” the I am of the higher self, of love, light, and wisdom; being of peace, compassion, forgiveness and the bliss of enlightenment. 4) The “unconscious mind” the over-soul of all incarnations of lifetimes; stored karma. 5) The “energy system,” the chakras, the aura, the energy field, electromagnetic energies, and cosmic force field; (oneness with the universe). Some might combine the last three as the “spiritual mind” for these comprise the dwelling place of your spirit, your soul.

So how do we transform from the daily hustle and bustle of life to experience the spiritual being within? Why would we want to? Only you can know for yourself and only you can initiate personal change.  There needs to be desire, belief and acceptance. How do we know we want to? Sometimes the yearning comes with age, sometimes from a profound experience or a simple slap up beside the head (duh); or it might be like a bell ringing, summonsing you to attend to your spiritual self.

 How do we bring about transformation? Hypnosis can be a wonderful tool to assist because being in the hypnotic state of mind allows us to bypass the critical factor of the conscious mind so that we may attend to understanding through wise-mind realizations and bringing peace of mind to subjects that conflict and bring strife in daily conscious living.

 Perhaps you feel that you have inner conflicts with your religious beliefs. Perhaps someone else’s interpretations of written scripture does not agree with yours. Don’t throw up your hands and run away. It’s OK. Each one of us human beings has our own personality, our own experiences and feelings that make us who we are. There is no need to fit a norm. Accept your ever changing self and accept others as they are. Your spiritual mind can allow you to do that. Go within to seek peace of mind.

 Perhaps your spiritual outlook is more on the metaphysical track. Spiritual hypnosis can include: past life regression, self-Mediumship, meet your spirit guides and angels, between life regression, spiritual healing and more. These are very interesting and inspirational areas to look at and experience. They may bring mental, emotional, and physical healing to your life.

 Regardless of your conscious belief system, hypnosis can help you to more fully realize and accept who you are, to love yourself and others as well as to forgive yourself and others in the best interest of your own peace of mind and good health.

Ernest VanDenBossche is a board certified hypnotherapist and a certified instructor with the National Guild of Hypnotists (www.ngh.net).

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