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"Finding and Freeing Yourself with Age Regression"

with Ernest VanDenBossche BCH,CI

Hypnosis is being used more and more by people seeking to change situations in their lives. Hypnotherapy is perhaps best known as a means to stop smoking or to aid in the weight loss process. Today hypnosis is used more and more in the health field for pain management, surgery anxiety and for improving health conditions.

Hypnotic trance is used by hypnotists to allow clients to rearrange their thought processes to better advance positive constructive actions which enable change in habits and feelings which produce the desired end result. In hypnosis the client is always in control and it is the clientís mental processes that create the changes. The hypnotist is a coach. The mind knows the right way but needs the opportunity to process and to align itself for personal change.

Today many of us find ourselves suffering from a multitude of situations that have roots in our past. To clearly recognize what it is that we cling to and to move on, we must look with uncritical eyes at thoughts and feeling that we have left stored in our memories. Hypnosis allows a person to use natural mental processes to bring clear understanding and often forgiveness to areas of being which are troubled and/or stressed.

All memories are stored in the subconscious mind. Everything that you have ever seen, heard, smelt, tasted or felt; in other words everything you have ever sensed is recorded in the subconscious mind. One process which a hypnotist may employ is age regression. The hypnotist may suggest that you go back to a certain time or event that is stored in your mind. The purpose of age regression is not to relive a situation but is to review or revamp the understanding and feelings surrounding that time.

Age regression may allow a person to review situations from a third party perspective, perhaps as an outsider would see it. Regression gives us a fresh set of values and feelings with which we can restructure present and future actions and reactions to related or similar situations occurring in life.  We can heal these past situations. We can forgive ourselves and others for the past and move on without holding onto unwanted or misguided distressful feelings.

We often naturally revisit our past. We mentally go back and review and revamp, but do we do so with an uncritical and open mind? In hypnosis we are able to sidestep the critical factor (that part of us that wants to analyze and criticize all new material and suggestions coming at us) and look at our past with an open mind and with the intent to bring positive change to our lives. Hypnosis works and people benefit from the process.

There is another aspect of age regression called past life regression, one that more and more people are becoming aware of. To many, it is a very a controversial subject, so accept or reject the idea according to your belief system.

Recently the Oprah Show featured hypnotist, psychologist and writer Brian Weiss talking about and demonstrating past life regression and the effect that the reviewing process can have on ones current life situations. Not everyone believes in past lives, but perhaps the majority of people in the world do. If indeed we have lived other lives before this one, what influence might they have on our current life? Where are our memories of these times? What benefit might we have by gaining insight into them? 

Reality or not, past life regression has benefited many in documented cases around the world. Proving the existence of past lives may be extremely difficult or impossible, but for people who change undesirable situations in this life as a result of the past life regression process, the proof in the pudding. Desired change may happen in subjects whether they believe in past lives or not, so the process can be and often is a positive life changing experience.

This article may bring more questions than answers to you. Allow your mind to seek the answers through all channels available. Itís the process of seeking, knowing, feeling and using all of ones senses that makes us who we are today. Whatever process you allow, keep an open mind. Science today allows for newer realities than say fifty or one hundred years ago. The science of tomorrow will no doubt discount or alter many theories of today. The mind is a relatively unexplored frontier. Allow your mind to explore your mental universe so that you may become all that you are meant to be. Find yourself. Free yourself. Allow hypnosis to take you forward in life, to open doors, and to create the you that you desire to be.


Ernest VanDenBossche is a board certified hypnotherapist and a certified instructor with the National Guild of Hypnotists (www.ngh.net).

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