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A Rational Approach to Emotional Mastery

Calvin Banyan's previous book, Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy: Basic To Advanced Techniques For the Professional, went to the top of Amazon.com's list of books for hypnosis and hypnotherapy.  That's right, listed #1, in just a few weeks.  He is now announcing this long awaited new book.

The Secret Language of Feelings is a revelation unparalleled by any previous self-help publication in this area.  This new book will provide you with some of the most valuable information available today about your inner life, your emotions and all of the powerful feelings that have made you feel bad.

Now Available!

Book Cover for The Secret Language of Feelings


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All Feelings Are Good!
Even Anger, Sadness, Guilt, and Depression...
The Secret Language Reveals The Healthy Side of Emotion That Leads To Success and Personal Fulfillment

What you will learn:

How to stop coping with emotions and really satisfy them.
How to instantly reduce or eliminate anger, stress, depression & more.
How to find out what you really want in life.
How to understand others  so well they will think you are psychic.
How to stop feeling bad for feeling "bad" and start feeling better now!

Take back control of your life/span>

with this revolutionary new approach to self-understanding,
self-healing and self-improvement.

In this new book, Calvin Banyan, will reveal how thousands of hypnosis sessions have uncovered a secret language inside of each of us and how our lack of this understanding has caused every kind of addiction, compulsion and bad habit.  It will show you how--through the understanding of this hidden language, that you can begin to set yourself free right now and become more successful than you have ever imagined!

This book announces, "All feelings are good!"  Anger is good, sadness is good, loneliness is good, even frustration and depression are good, once you understand the message contained within each and every one.  Those messages are revealed in this book along with how to respond to the important information, giving you new direction in your life.  This direction will lead you to happiness, success and more.


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