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Recipes for Success
With Julie Griffin
(Includes License)

Whether you are just beginning a practice or if you've been in business for years, after reading this book, you'll agree that Recipes for Success features topics you can use again and again with your clients. Not only does Recipes for Success contain new scripts for ten of the most frequently requested topics in hypnosis, it is sold with license that grants its purchasers rights to use these scripts to run groups, clinics, and create and mass produce audio productions royalty free!

After the success of her other licensed books, Recipes for Weight Loss and Recipes for Smoking Cessation, author, Julie Griffin, received many requests for a multi-topic licensed script-book. Recipes for Success was written to satisfy those requests and it features brand new scripts and topics never before offered for sale including:

  • Relaxation & Sound Sleep
  • Memory & Learning
  • Weight Loss
  • Smoking Cessation
  • Sales Persuasion & Enthusiasm
  • Public Speaking & Charisma
  • Health & Happiness
  • Exercise Motivation
  • The 20-Minute High
  • Unlocking Human Potential

Use Recipes for Success to produce your own library of audio productions and super-charge your back-of-the-room sales, or create your own direct mail or internet catalogue and sell audio productions worldwide! This book will enable you to start or expand your business almost immediately. Your great voice and Griffin's words are sure to combine and enable you to create audio productions that will sell again, and again, and again. Your own business is limited only by your drive, your desire to succeed, and your imagination!

You will succeed! - with Recipes for Success - Its the book that's worth its weight in gold! Order Your Copy of Recipes for Success NOW! Only $119.95


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