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Hypnosis for Inner Conflict Resolution
By C. Roy Hunter

Hypnosis for Inner Conflict Resolution

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Roy Hunter’s latest book was written in response to scores of requests over the years for an entire book dedicated to parts therapy. Variations (such as ego state therapy) are discussed, and a step-by-step parts therapy process is presented in an easy-to-understand format, with scripts to help the therapist walk the path of successful parts therapy. Roy’s work is based on the client-centered teachings of the late Charles Tebbetts.

Why do so many clients experience inner conflicts that inhibit the successful attainment of important goals? Both counselors and hypnotherapists use techniques that help their clients change undesired habits or achieve personal and professional goals, yet, in spite of their best efforts, some clients still continue to experience unresolved inner conflicts that inhibit them from attaining their ideal empowerment. This book describes an elegant approach to reconciling the conflicting "parts" of a client's personality.

Here is some of what you will learn from this great teacher:
  • What Parts Therapy Really Is and What it Can Accomplish
  • History of Parts Therapy
  • How to Prepare to do Parts Therapy
  • The Essential Five Steps
  • Parts Therapy as Mediation
  • How to Avoid Pitfalls of Conducting Parts Therapy Sessions


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