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Endorphin Powered Hypnotherapy
With Julie Griffin
(Includes License)

Endorphin Powered Hypnotherapy contains ten clinically sound, versatile, licensed scripts, all featuring endorphin release. These scripts demystify the endorphin release procedure, enabling you to confidently facilitate these versatile healing and empowerment techniques. The scripts in Endorphin Powered Hypnotherapy will provide hope, healing, positive insight, and motivation to you and your clients.

Griffin's unique, masterful handling of the language of the subconscious shows through in these multi-purpose scripts. Endorphin Powered Hypnotherapy contains programs that will help you to help yourself and your clients in areas commonly addressed by hypnotherapists, including:

  • Fostering Happiness, Self Esteem, & Self Control
  • Emotional & Physical Healing
  • Spiritual Healing & Enlightenment
  • Exercise Motivation & Enjoyment
  • Creativity Enhancement
  • Regression for Personal Exploration
  • Overcoming Negative Emotional States
  • Hypnoanesthesia & Pain Management
  • Natural High for Overcoming Addictions
  • Activating Your Healing Hands
  • Hypnotic Self-Discovery
  • Accessing Your Higher Self & God Self
  • Sexual Healing & Enrichment

As a purchaser of Endorphin Powered Hypnotherapy, you are granted license to use these scripts in your private and group practices and also to create and mass-produce audio recordings in your own voice, royalty free. In addition to these scripts, Endorphin Powered Hypnotherapy contains intake forms, procedural tips, and information about the benefits of reinforcement audios.

Put Endorphins to work for you - with Endorphin Powered Hypnotherapy - and help your clients to feel good! Order Your Copy of Endorphin Powered Hypnotherapy NOW! Only $119.95



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