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  You Can Be a Healthy Weight Permanently!

Did you love your reflection in the mirror this morning? Your closet only holds one size of clothes that you look fabulous in? Could you confidently attend a class reunion with your current appearance? Have you kept off any lost poundage? Do you feel great with plenty of energy? You are in complete control of yourself, right?

It's time to answer, "Yes!" to all of the above. It's time to forever end the yo-yo cycle of lose-it-gain-more -back and make friends with yourself. It's YOUR time.

It's time you tried Hypnosis.

It's Not Just What You Eat
Eating habits are controlled by the subconscious mind. (Actually habits, beliefs about food, self-perception and even your weight originate there.) The bad news is your subconscious beliefs and desires are more powerful than your conscious will-power causing even the most sincere dieter to revert to old eating habits no matter how hard they try. So let your subconscious mind work for your optimum health.

For most people permanent weight loss is very difficult. No matter how hard you try, your subconscious is battling against you. Uncover the true reasons for self-destructive behaviors. With hypnotic sessions we will release and resolve the issues that often sabotage your ability to lose and keep weight off. Just imagine, you can truly change your life.

It's Not All In Your Head
Here are some of the common problems caused by mental blocks and conflicts that result from counterproductive subconscious messages:

This one's a classic. Were you taught as a small child to finish everything on your plate or else you would be punished? And if you did finish everything on your plate, were you rewarded with more food or dessert? If so, you were programmed at an early age to overeat. Hypnosis safely corrects the true source of the problem. Hypnosis may help you with permanent, optimum health.

   Do any of these obstacles sound familiar? These are all examples of damaging old programming that Hypnosis may repair or replace.

Emotional Eating
Many of us can relate to the unproductive habit of emotional eating. Emotional eating happens when we are bored, or happy or depressed or angry. Often children's emotional problems are fixed with a cookie or piece of candy. This is where our attachment to comfort food comes from. Emotional eating is also a great avoidance behavior when we want to avoid something unpleasant. Your early memories may include trying to escape chores or homework. Most of us feel very early in life that eating might solve our problems or make us happy. Hypnosis offers proven help for this stubborn behavior.

Stimulus Response Eating
Overeating, binging, snacking and emotional eating are all stimulus-response mechanisms. Remember that from Psychology class? A stimulus occurs, the thought comes in and you respond. Hypnosis blocks that automatic response, so when the stimulus occurs and the thought comes in-you no longer respond with unproductive eating habits.

Negative Programming - Inner Voices
"I've worked hard, I need to treat myself"
"One cookie won't hurt me"
"I'll start my diet tomorrow"
"So and so can eat anything they want and never gain a pound"
"At my age or with my hormones, I'll never lose weight"
It's time to stop listening to these voices that sabotage us. Hypnosis helps you to reconnect with the deep inner voice that truly wants to support you and wants what is best for your optimum health.

Perceived Pleasure
Another common obstacle is known as perceived pleasure. Many people tell themselves that they love to eat so much, that they block out any associated unpleasant feelings. They don't notice feeling stuffed or drugged by food. They forget to associate their overweight condition with its cause. Hypnosis changes your subconscious priorities. After your hypnotherapy seminar, looking and feeling your best will give you more pleasure than the activity of eating, and you'll have overcome another obstacle to success. These obstacles have nothing to do with desire, effort, or the conscious part of your mind. They are in the subconscious, and therein lay the conflict. Consciously you struggle to achieve optimum health for all the obvious reasons; subconsciously you try to maintain your old unproductive eating habits. Hypnosis resolves the conflict and the problem!

Motivation Is Success
Motivation is critical to permanent weight loss. Motivation is more than just believing you can succeed-its also having a strong desire (reasons why you want to lose weight). Motivation works miracles. Don't worry about how, if you really want to lose weight, Hypnosis gives you the edge you need to succeed. Hypnosis works like no other product or program and the only things that most of our success stories needed were motivation and Hypnosis. It's natural: if you think you can, you can.

Motivation can work miracles. Motivated people have the vision to see their success-imagine your new healthy life. Focus on that vision. Don't dwell on any of the steps to achieving that goal, just lock on to the big picture. Hypnosis helps you with the details. Hypnosis lets you overcome your failure-prone inner programming.

Set an appointment now with Wavelengths Hypnotherapy. Have the genuine positive desire to succeed, listen to your Wavelengths Weight CD as much as possible and stay focused on your goal. It's that easy. Just imagine what permanent weight loss and an overall healthier life will do for you. Your desire, subconscious mind and Hypnosis CAN make it happen.

And don't worry; if you've read this far you must be motivated!

Your Subconscious Is Your Problem AND The Answer
You've tried to lose and keep weight off before right? Sorry, but failure was no accident. You are aware of and can control your conscious thoughts, but sometimes your unconscious thoughts tell you the exact opposite. The subconscious thoughts win the battle because they are more powerful. Subconsciously you were still accepting and living by negative programming from the past.

Subconscious thoughts can set up conflicts that sabotage your success. Hypnosis resolves conflicts and blocks so you can lose weight for the last time. By getting the conscious and subconscious parts of your mind to work together in harmony, Hypnosis helps you change parts of your life that you never thought you could. It's all about replacing negative, conflicting programming with positive thoughts and ideas that support you. Hypnosis does this by introducing images and suggestions into your subconscious while you are relaxed but fully aware.

Hypnosis is a recipe for success. First a wonderful new image of you as fit, healthy and slender is introduced into your subconscious. This is very safe because you choose your new image and are in complete control during the entire process. This positive new self-image will make your desire to lose weight stronger than ever. Then negative associations are introduced into your subconscious to eliminate or reduce your desire to overeat. Other methods do nothing to remove your old programming and resolve the subconscious conflicts that keep you in the failure cycle.


At Wavelengths Hypnotherapy you will get all the tools you'll need to lose weight: A Positive Mind, Weekly Food Awareness Tracker, and Wavelengths Hypnotherapy Weight Loss CDs.


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