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Why Stop Smoking

If you are a smoker consider this:
The price of a pack of cigarettes is around $5.00 so if you smoke a pack a day, you're spending $1825 a year!
At 2 packs a day, you're spending $3650.00 a year!
Now 3 packs a day means you're spending $$5475.00 a year!

Use the Cost of Smoking Calculator to determine the financial cost of your smoking.


The use of hypnotherapy to assist in smoking cessation is quite common and readily accepted. There are numerous different approaches that can be taken. One is to use hypnotic suggestions to make the act of smoking repugnant, via foul tastes or other physical unpleasantness. While often effective in the short term the long-term results tend to be similar to that of a crash diet as the subject is fighting their cravings.

Hypnotic suggestions are used to enable you alternatives and to emphasis the benefits of becoming a non-smoker. I also train you in Self-Hypnosis for reinforcement.

If you approach this treatment with the right attitude and a genuine desire to stop smoking the program will work for you. You WILL become a non-smoker.

We suggest three sessions to complete our program for maximum success.

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