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Ernest VanDenBossche BCH,CI; is a Hypnotherapist (Consulting Hypnotist) in Waterville Maine, who helps clients control and manage weight loss and much much more.  

Ernest passionately believes that you can create anything you desire as long as you want it, see it, believe it and expect it.  Call 207-649-9655 for your interview to change your life.


Weight Management Hypnotherapy Sessions

We all know what to do!

We all know the things we are eating that are wrong!

We all know what foods are still enjoyable, but are healthier for us!

We all know that we need to exercise more and we know that when we do, we feel wonderful !!!

We all know that we eat too fast, too much and at all the wrong times......

But just because we know these things, it doesn't make it any easier!


Hypnotherapy helps people to regain control of what they eat, how much they eat, how fast they eat and when they eat. It also puts people back in touch with their body, allowing a conscious awareness of when the stomach is full. It boosts the desire, the confidence and the resolve to change in a positive, healthy way.

One of the great plus points of using Hypnosis for weight management is the fact that the enjoyment of food is actually enhanced!.

We believe that the one thing people lack when it comes down to weight management is patience...we all want it NOW!!.......

Hypnotherapy adds patience and allows the weight to start coming off in the healthiest manner, slowly and surely for permanent results!

With the addition of a 30 minute Weight Management CD to use at home, hypnotherapy can be the turning point in many peoples life-long battle.


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