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We look forward to the Fourth Annual World Hypnotism Day; Jan. 4, 2009

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Celebrate World Hypnotism Day

Waterville Area " World Hypnotism Day" Event
"Stress Release Night"
60 Front St., Waterville ME

Pre-registration a must
Admission: $5 donation to local food bank, optional. 

call 453-6133

To benefit the local  Food Kitchen Program



"Hypnotherapy and Stress Reduction" Workshop


Ernest VanDenBossche BCH,CI

Admission: $5 donation to local food bank, optional. 

call 453-6133


Location to be announced





World Hypnotism Day - January 4th

 World Hypnotism Day, Friday, January 4, gives hypnotists an opportunity to increase awareness and understanding about hypnosis. In fact, a special website can be visited at www.worldhypnotismday.com

Fourth Annual World Hypnotism Day

Central Maine Area:  World Hypnotism Day has proven to be one of the most impressive displays of professionalism and sharing of knowledge and skills by hypnotists around the world. Talks, interviews, workshops and articles were available around the world, all clearing the air and removing the myths and misconceptions of hypnotism while explaining the many benefits it brings. Free resources for the public can be found at www.worldhypnotismday.com .

The popularity and benefits of hypnotism increases daily as we have read and heard the headlines in Newsweek, Good Housekeeping, Canadian Living, Shape, O magazine and on popular syndicated television shows. Now itís time to come out and learn more about how hypnotism can help you, especially for your New Years resolutions.

For further information, interview, or World Hypnosis Day events in the Central Maine Area, please contact: 

Ernest VanDenBossche BCH,CI; or Bonnie Lee Gibson, CH at 207-453-6133 www.hypnowave.com    email



World Hypnotism Day is January 4, Every Year


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