Ojibwa Immuni-tea (Likened to Essiac Tea)


It is said by many that using Essiac tea helps with immunity and recovery from cancer.

We do not make any claims as to its health benefits but understand that Essiac Tea it is a  healthy food.

For more information about this tea, type " Essiac Tea " into a search engine.




Organic Burdock root * Arctium lappa

Organic Sheep Sorrel * Rumex acetosella

Slippery Elm bark * Ulmus rubra

Organic Turkey Rhubarb root * Rheum palmatum


To buy in bulk about a one year supply is the most economical way.

Purchase about:

1 1/2 # Organic Burdock root (nutritive, blood cleanser, lots of calcium)

1# Organic Sheep Sorrel (main ingredient of formula)

4 oz. Slippery Elm bark (laxative)

1 oz. Powered, Organic Turkey Rhubarb root (coats organs from irritants)

All this will be divided into smaller amounts to make batches of one gallon per time.

Store surplus in glass jars in dark place.



The Burdock root is to be simmered about 20 minutes

Whereas the remainder of the ingredients will be added to that brew and steeped with heat off and allowed to cool and left covered for 12 hours.

Therefore we make two bags:

Bag A the 1# Organic Burdock root.

Bag B the 1# Organic Sheep Sorrel, 4 oz. Slippery Elm bark, 1 oz. Powered, Organic Turkey Rhubarb root.


To make One Gallon of Tea:

cup or 2 oz. Burdock root Bag A

1 cup Bag B mixture (be sure to mix well each time used as the powered rhubarb root settles toward the bottom in storage)

Measure one gallon distilled, filtered (reverse osmosis), or good hand drawn spring water into stainless, enameled or glass pan with lid. Add Cup Bag A, cover, bring water to a boil, simmer 20 minutes.

Turn heat off and whisk in 1 cup Bag B. Cover. Store in cool dark place 12 hours.


Bottle for Storage

Sterilize bottles and caps (blue or brown bottles are best to keep light out)


(a.) dishwasher, or

(b.) oven at 250 degrees for 10 min., or

(c.) hot water bath at rolling boil for 10 min.

Sterilize caps in peroxide to avoid melting seals

Bring tea almost to a boil (Sheep Sorrel should not be boiled),

Pour herbal formula through a colander into a second large pan to remove bulk of herb.

Wash first pan and pour tea through double-meshed stainless steel sieve, into it. This removes the fine powers that would otherwise leave mush in bottom of finished product after storage.

Pour through stainless or glass funnel into jars and cap immediately. Cool. Refrigerate.

Squeeze out herbs and add liquid to any surplus for immediate use.


Instructions For Use:

Shake well. Drink as is or add to boiled water to make a tea.


2 oz. One to three times/day on an empty stomach, hr. before or two hours after meals. To Your Health!


As adapted by Ernie Van Den Bossche 


You may find this tea or one something like it, pre-packaged at your local Health Food Store.


For more information about this tea visit  type " Essiac Tea " into a search engine.





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